Sip, Savor, Share: 5 Mocktails for Every Occasion

Mocktails, the unsung heroes of non-alcoholic imbibing, have stepped into the limelight, proving that sophistication need not be drowned in spirits. Today's mocktail experience goes beyond a mere substitute; it's ...

Shirley Temple

Originated as a means of refreshing the mocktail’s namesake when she was too young to participate in the activities of her fellow megastars, this serve has since stood the test of time like no other mocktail.

Tasting notes: sweet, spicy, refreshing

Moment to Moment

To make the most of the chocolatey flavor here, look for coffee beans from South or Central America that feature a medium- dark roast.

Tasting notes: rich, creamy, sweet    

Whistling in Tongues

While many fruits partner well with kiwi, apple stands above them all.

Tasting notes: tropical, bright, fruity     

Fuzzy Navel

Celebratory, eye-catching, and delicious—this is a drink that can work any time of day, in any situation.

Tasting notes: sweet, tart, floral

Rasta La Vista

A great one for those who love eclectic palate found in the world of tiki drinks.

Tasting notes: fruity, tropical, spicy, refreshing

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